Energiesparlampe 9W -> 45W - Megaman - B22 – B22d

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Brand: Megaman - Longlife

Quantity: 1 bulb

Shape: Candle
Power: 9 watts (equivalent to 45 watts)
Energy saving class: A
Light color: 827 warm white
Light intensity: 405 lumen
Lifespan: 15,000 hours (Longlife)
600,000 switching operations
Material: silicone cover

length (total): 10.4 cm,
width: 3.7 cm
, diameter of socket: approx. 22 mm (-> B22)

These bulbs are very often used in French and English lamps. These light bulbs can be used with all lamps with a bayonet socket that are offered in the shop.

This bulb is not suitable for dimmers and electronic switches.
Fulfills environmental directive EU Green Policy Compliant RoHS.
The WEEE disposal fee is included in the purchase price.

- Delivery only in normal household quantities -
- Larger quantities on request -

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